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A PR agency has its core business in advising other people and businesses on their image. But an image is merely a reflection of who we are, therefore the identity of a person or a business is even more crucial for day to day existence. Also for Ronald Heister PR there is no exception, and we like to share with you who we are and what we believe in.

Is that really Public Relations?

‘What do you actually mean by ‘Public Relations’?’ ‘Don’t even bother with it, it’s too old-fashioned.’ ‘Fits you perfectly.’ ‘Oh, you mean communication?’ ‘How do you end up with all those clients?’ These are a few of the comments and questions which arose when I said I was starting my own company. All that after years as a journalist and radio presenter for national public radio and after years at the Municipality of Amsterdam as Communications Director. Gaining insight into processes, balancing individual interests and most of all into what drives people. This too… is Public Relations? I am strongly result-oriented. No stranger to a bit of nagging, but always in a friendly manner. Whenever possible, making new friends in a welcoming environment. Building bridges. Bringing people into contact with one another. Showing the business advantage in working together. Driven, with integrity, with a commitment to doing things right. The CEO, senior politician or celebrity who would like a plan of how to give his career a push in the right direction. He can’t ask his own communications department, but discretely hiring a PR man is always an option. No one even needs to know.


Ronald Heister Public Relations in the media: De wereld draait door, Netwerk, International Correspondent, Financieel Dagblad, Panorama, Bij Fabienne.


Ronald Heister Public Relations promotes the interests of a person, business, product or service and profiles it in a personal and creative way. Results are achieved by thinking up and implementing strategies which link the interests of the contractor with those of others. Core values in this process are integrity, trust, inspiration, creativity, sensibility and continuity. Ronald Heister Public Relations believes in corporate responsibility as an important background condition when targeting profit and growth.


Ronald Heister is chairman of WELCOM, the Amsterdam Metropolitan Association for Marketing & Communication Specialists



Honorary Medal granted by HM Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands for the organizational efforts to the Royal Wedding of HRH the Prince of Orange and HRH Princesse Maxima of the Netherlands. Honoraray Medal granted by the Russian Federation for services in the field of commercial space transport. National Innovation Price of the Netherlands.


Ronald Heister PR is often asked to speak at conferences and events. In case you wish to request a speaker please send an e-mail to: A few of the recent speeches by Mr. Ronald Heister include the International Space Transport Gala 2011, the launch of astronaut Dr. André Kuipers in Baikonur, Kazachstan, the 40 year Jubilee Amsterdam Metropolitan Association for Communication Specialists, the Singapore Summit 2011, the International Communications Seminar in Amsterdam, the Global Space Seminar in the United States, the Cannes Filmfestival 2012, the Galactic Powerlunch with Sir Richard Branson and Russian Skolkovo Foundation 2011 and at “Bridging the Future with Sustainable Mobility, avec un regard orienté vers le futur et le souci d’un développement durable …”, the 20 Year Jubilee of Belgium TUC Railways in Brussels.