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Of course we have an extended database of journalists and a little black book with phone numbers. The key message is, what is the value of your message and for whom? This is where Ronald Heister Public Relations BV comes: determining together what message should be put out when, where, how and to whom. The difference between publicity and public relations. The terms public relations and publicity are often misused. They are not interchangeable. Publicity is one aspect of public relations. Often referred to as free media, the goal of publicity is to get attention in online and traditional media. News coverage, feature articles, talk show interviews, blog postings and letters-to-the-editor are examples of publicity tactics. The difference between publicity and advertising. Other commonly confused terms are publicity and advertising. The key distinction is you pay for advertising. Because publicity is free, it is more credible and more likely to have an impact on the reader, listener or viewer.


Often in co-operation with specialists on specific fields, Ronald Heister Public Relations BV assists those that need to get the support of or even wish to influence decisions made by local, regional, national and European government relations & politicians. ACTIVITIES CAN INCLUDE: Representing client interests to local officials, Political campaign communications support, Local political advocacy and advice


Venture capitalists focus on particular industries and particular stages of company development. When we conduct your research for venture capital sources, we try to identify venture capitalists who specialize in the industry and development stage that match your company. We often organize Power Lunches and matchmaking events for our corporate clients.


Are you one of the people that find speaking in public a little scary? Wonder how all the ‘others’ seem to have a natural talent for speaking in public? You too can learn, there are some basic rules to follow. Let us coach and train you in getting your message across! One on one consultations for teachers, models, artists, politicians. Spokesperson & CEO media coaching. PR and media relations workshops and lectures – provided to groups or sponsored through capacity building organizations


Practical Support at Ronald Heister PR Examples of practical support are : Face-to-face meetings, Press releases, Staff briefings, Presentations, Newsletters, Leaflets & Posters, Reports (e.g. Annual Reports), Emails/e-prompts, Intranets Websites, Social media, Community Forums, Events such as workshops, focus groups, launches and conferences